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(606) 871-7303

17269 West Highway 80, Nancy, KY 42544

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Handi-Port Garages & Carports is a business listed in Building Contractors with locator is 17269 West Highway 80, Nancy, KY 42544. If you want to get driving directions of Handi-Port Garages & Carports you can use the map & directions below. You can also call this business via phone number (606) 871-7303. Write a review or edit/remove listing.

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  • Awesome Service!
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  • We purchased a 19 x 21 carport from Hand-Port about a year ago. The staff and construction crew were all very professional and courteous throughout. The reason I'm leaving this review is that, after reading the only other review on here, I felt we should take up for their company since we were so satisfied by their product. I can't attest to the effects of last years snow but we had our carport during the snowfall this year and it was much worse. Although we did follow Handi-Ports recommendation and purchase the snow-truss package, we also followed their suggestion to remove snow accumulation as much as possible and our carport held strong. I'm not sure what this Mr Johnson did wrong but I don't see how his collapse had anything to do with the product itself, if his carport is anything like ours. I wonder if he also followed Handi-Ports recommendations regarding snow? But, I digress. Great job guys!
  • Handi-ports carports are junk
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  • Handi-port carports are made from inadequate materials. They are using round thin walled tubing alot like you would see being used as conduit by electricians. The welds are substandard where as they only weld around one side of the tube and not the other. My carport collapsed with 8 inches of snow on it damaging both trucks that was under it.Dont let this happen to you. Buy from a manufacturer that uses square steel and welds that are fully welded.
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